Rankin Covers

Rankin Covers has been setting the industries standards in ski, wakeboard, wakesurf boats and water sports covers for years. These stylish ultra durable covers provide everything you need to protect your boat while towing or mooring.

Why Choose Us?

Rankin Custom Boat Covers

Quality Products

All of our boat covers are lined with high UV protection and flourocarbon finishes.

Rankin Custom Boat Covers

Long Lasting

We are confident that your covers will last so we also have a 5 year warranty for every boat covers made.

Rankin Custom Boat Covers

Custom Options

You get to pick and choose what will work best for your boat, we also have plenty of color options!

Rankin Custom Boat Covers

Quick Turn Around

Our custom covers are made to order and usually ships within two weeks from when you place your order.

Boat Cover

Stunning. Durable. Fast.

Our covers exclusively require NO poles, tie-downs or other damaging cover hardware. Rankin Covers can also accommodate all factory mounted towers (contact us for further specifics regarding custom installed towers).

No Poles

Fit Your Tower

Weather Proof

Compatible Manufacturers

Rankin Custom Boat Cover

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Rankin Top Boat Cover
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